Hardware and Software

Avita has been supplying IT hardware and software solutions for over 20 years, so we know our stuff. We can recommend the best products for the requirements of your business, and will ensure compatibility and connectivity so you can be up and running as soon as possible.

We have established relationships with key global manufacturers, so Avita can source and provide the latest products on the market. We embrace new technology and you can be sure we will pass all our insider knowledge to you.

Furthermore, we recognise good technology is an investment, so as well as providing competitive prices, we offer flexible financing plans to set your business up to grow in the future.

Avita is an authorised reseller and partner for leading manufacturers, including:

Internet Connectivity

Avita is a specialist in providing internet connectivity solutions encompassing everything from a basic broadband line through to fully managed MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) solutions for multi-site organisations.

We make it easy for you. Our team has the expertise to completely manage the systems we supply without involving third-party system providers. Over the years we have dealt with all the major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) – the good, the bad and the ugly – and understand the problems that can occur with internet lines, DNS changes and other areas of connectivity, so we will ensure maximum uptime whatever the situation.

We can provide extensive email and web security solutions through our MessageAngel and WebAngel products for protection against viruses, spyware, malware and spam, ensuring your emails and websites are protected and secure.


The security of business IT systems has never been so important. Businesses rely more and more on IT to support their activities, and this makes them increasingly vulnerable to threats from hackers, viruses and even their own staff.

Avita believes that with the right knowledge and effective security, your business can be safe and secure when using IT, the internet and the cloud. We have developed a total security solution that highlights potential threats, puts forward precautions to avoid them, as well as ensuring business continuity.


We are partners with Sonicwall and are an authorised reseller for Cisco, with fully trained Cisco and Sonicwall engineers in-house too. This means we can offer the ultimate in perimeter firewall defences for your system.

Even the best hardware can be poorly configured, leaving your network vulnerable to breaches from hackers. This can result in unauthorised access to data, systems shutting down and ultimately business disruption. We can audit your current network perimeter security, spot failings, and report on solutions to avoid danger.

Web Defence

Using Avita WebAngel, we can ensure maximum web browsing security by directing all web traffic through an externally managed system. This offers protection from web based viruses and spyware, and gives you the option to block access to non-business sites, such as Facebook or personal email sites.


Most anti-virus products will slow down your system while they check for potential threats. To address this issue Avita pioneered the development of the Eset NOD32 antivirus product range, now called Eset Endpoint. Eset Endpoint offers the smallest performance impact whilst retaining the highest level of protection. Avita is an authorised partner for Eset and our technicians are trained to get you up and running and fully protected.

Internal Auditing

You may be surprised to learn that the most common threats to a corporate network tend to be caused by basic errors. Passwords, server backdoor accounts and default settings are some of the many easy routes into a system for a hacker. Avita can provide an audit of your system to spot potential areas that could be improved. We can also help you develop your own security policy to help your staff stay safe while using your network.

Avita’s contracted clients also benefit from proactive monitoring. We can check all server and workstation activity 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including obvious issues such as low drive space and high processor usage. We’ll also be notified if a user removes, changes or installs software on the machine. This helps to prevent unwanted programs such as iTunes being installed which can affect business application performance.

IT Training and Consultancy
IT Training

Equipping your business with the latest technology isn’t enough; you need to know how best to utilise it. Avita offers full training courses for every ability level, starting with one-on-one ad hoc training sessions on key programs such as Microsoft Office to assistance with complex problems.

We will also train your internal IT team in how to use our portfolio of Avita products, to ensure everyone is educated and can get the most from them from the very start. Of course, we are always on hand to offer assistance when needed.


Building on training your staff, Avita also offers an unrivalled consultancy service. Looking to invest in new equipment but not sure what product to choose? We’ll hunt down the best choice for your business, taking note of compatibility with your existing systems.

Avita will also provide project management for a wide range of activities and specialises in office relocation. We have network cabling engineers, photocopier engineers, audio visual engineers, IT technicians and telecoms services on hand to manage your project quickly and efficiently so you can concentrate on your own work while we help you make a move, or install a new system. Simply get in touch with us to discuss your exact requirements.


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