We understand that your business relies on technology to run efficiently without delays.

If you are a customer and have a support issue you will need a reference ID to track progress of your case.

All requests for problems during working hours should be submitted first by email to support@avita.eu.com

After emailing us you will receive an acknowledgement email. You will then receive a second email with the support ticket reference ID.

One of our team will then contact you and ask you to click on the remote support option below. They will then be able to access your device.

Should you not have access to email please call us on 020 8663 0077 and select option 1.

Through this method our support team will be able to fix any problems you may have usually without an onsite visit (unless necessary), allowing you to continue with your working day stress-free.

We offer a 24/7 service to our contracted clients for support around the clock. Whether it is morning, noon or night one of our representatives is on hand for a fast response to resolve any issues.

Benefits to you:


A fast response


24/7 access

(for contracted clients)

A speedy solution


Less intrusive