Telephone Systems

Telephone systems have become dependent on IT to operate with the benefit of advanced features such as VOIP (Voice Over IP) and PC software to assist with caller ID. It is more important than ever to choose a support provider that can manage your phone system as well your IT. At Avita we can do just that.

With 50 years of combined expertise – from simple analogue telephone systems to ISDN30 digital technology and SIP trunking, our team has the knowledge to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

So, what about manufacturers? We only use the very best – Avaya, Panasonic and Toshiba are at the top of our list and we know them inside out. You can be confident the products you buy are from the best suppliers with years of experience in telecommunications.

But it’s not just about the product. We also offer a comprehensive menu of maintenance packages to give you complete peace of mind:

  • Voicemail
  • IP Technology
  • Call Logging
  • Least Cost Routing
  • CTI
  • DECT Systems
  • Door Entry Control
  • Remote Connectivity for home workers
  • Full annual maintenance and support packages

Video Conferencing

If you don’t have the time for face-to-face meetings, video conferencing is the perfect option. At Avita, our Audio Visual team can provide a solution, from a simple huddle room one-to-one call through to a full telepresence suite. We are an authorised Polycom partner, the world’s leading video conferencing brand and can also supply solutions from Cisco and Lifesize.

Office Security

A reliable, secure entry system is a must. We provide everything from a simple camera and button for automatic door entry through to biometric systems, using fingerprints to gain entry. We can even add an auditing system allowing you to monitor who has entered and left your building.

To deter unwanted intruders our alarm systems can be linked to external services such as the police or staff members. Video surveillance and night vision cameras can also be added providing automatic motion detection to record movement, in full colour – you can even check camera footage on the internet wherever you are for peace of mind.


At Avita we understand that your data network is one of the most important parts of your office. This is why we provide a comprehensive range of solutions to ensure your network is flexible, cost effective and will perform for years to come.

Our range includes:

Category 5e – the most widely used for voice and data communications up to 100Mbps, perfect if you are looking at adding more points to your existing Cat5e network. Cat5e also enables equipment to run at gigabit speeds over short distances, but for new installations where gigabit performance is required, Category 6 is recommended.

Category 6 – Class E – suitable for voice and data communications up to 1000Mbps with a bandwidth of 250Mhz, Cat6 is a good investment today and for the future. This option has advanced reliability features such as near end cross talk (NEXT) that improves reliability and improved speed.

Category 6a – Class F – suitable for voice and data communications up to 1000Mbs with 10 gigabit Ethernet. This choice is frequently used within data centres, medical and financial environments and it’s also an option for backbone linking (Switch to Switch) or 10 gig to desk.

Category 7 – Class F – exceeding ISO/IEC category 7/class F specifications, Siemon’s fully shielded TERA end-to-end cabling solution is the highest-performing twisted-pair copper cabling system available.

  • Performance to 10Gbps plus, exceeding performance requirements for 10GBASE-T
  • Bandwidth of 1.2 GHz per pair – the highest of any available copper system
  • Validated for TEMPEST high-security government applications
  • Cable sharing – Shielded design and 1-, 2- and 4- pair outlet and plug modularity allow simultaneous support of multiple applications over a single cable, in a single outlet
  • Future-proof performance and flexibility make TERA ideal for data centres


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